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About us...

 How many times have you heard, 'This is my favorite picture of my son/daughter!', or 'I love this picture of my parents!' or even "This is my family pic from last year with all of us in it.  So glad we got this picture while Grandma was still with us!"  

 Our cell phones go with us everywhere - and now we can capture every moment of our lives to share with those we love or keep for our own musings because selfies are more than just for our own egos.  They are for those we love, our friends and our future memories to look back on with a smile...or even a cringe or two.

 As a chemo survivor, I realized the value of taking selfie pictures.  After I lost my hair I lost my identity, so every week I would take pictures of myself with my cell phone in hopes of finding me again somewhere in the digital images.

  It took several years, but eventually, I found myself in those images and my purpose in life.  To help others find their beauty in themselves and their surroundings.  To help connect with our beloved pets and travel ideas.

  Life is so precious, so fleeting and so valuable - it's incredibly important to record those special moments in time! Not just for ourselves but for our friends, family, loved ones and posterity. 

  "Life Can Get Way Too Serious To Take Too Seriously!" is what life has taught me - so I am hoping to bring you some fun in your life with smartphone photography and wonderful quality gifts that can help you record your special moments in time.

I wish you all the best!  Live Well! Laugh Often! Love Much!  

- Sarah @ Selfie Blast